15 Instructive video Tutorials For Java Programming Language Beginners In Tunisian Dialect !

Before I start,  just a quick special thanks to the creator of these instructive video tutorials Mohamed Turki, a software engineering student in Tunisia. Also a freelance Web Developer & Designer. All video tutorials included in this post were originally uploaded  by the author  in youtube in mid-2011. 1 – Introduction To Java – What is Java? – […]

Instructions On How To Deploy OpenACS (TR-069) On JBoss AS 5.1

This article focuses on the deployement of OpenACS which is a powerful open-source Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) implementing CPE configuration protocol CWMP as specified in TR-069.  At the time when I write this article I have deployed the latest version “0.4 beta” which can be directly downloaded from the link below. download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/openacs/files/openacs-binary/0.4/openacs-bin-0.4.zip/download In the four sections below […]

Some photos of Redhat & Tritux seminar about SOA in Hotel Concorde Tunis

Photo 1 :  Malik SAHEB: Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat (JBoss Middleware) Presenting jboss solutions Photo 2 :  Fourat Zouari Chief technical officer at Tritux presenting the company. Photo 3 :  Me and Malik SAHEB Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat (Jboss Middleware) Photo 4 :  Me  & my colleague Fourat Zouari. I was taking a look at Tritux presentation sheet. Photo 5 :  any questions ? …… THE […]

Les enjeux des “SOA” au sein des systèmes d’information, Red Hat Mars 2012

Red Hat organise en partenariat avec Tritux un séminaire sur les enjeux des « SOA » au sein des systèmes d’information. Red Hat, premier fournisseur mondial des solutions open source d’entreprise, célèbre par son système d’exploitation “Red Hat Enterprise Linux”, ses solutions cloud, virtualisation, stockage, services orientés architecture « SOA », et son portefeuille de […]